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I have used them with patients with very complex medical and surgical conditions where hospitalization has been days to weeks. Every family and patient has been enthusiastic and appreciative. The card allows me to concisely summarize how the patient is doing and what the main parts of therapy will be for that day and the next few days. It also allows me to encourage family to work with case managers for patients where post-discharge placement in a skilled nursing facility or rehab will be necessary.


In addition, the nurses love them. When a family has many members visiting at different times of day, the nurse can simply refer each family member to the Card where my voice delivers to same message to everyone. It saves the nurse the time of repeatedly stopping her work to repeat what she thought I said.


I think that the cards also allow a moment to acknowledge any excellent care being provided by nurses and other doctors. This may improve the patient and family satisfaction for HCAPPs evaluation.


Jeb H., MD

Community Hospital

The talking health cards are a helpful tool to aid in discharge instructions, particularly medication management on new and high risk medications.” At our hospital, our pharmacist, has owned this project and has worked with the nursing team to ensure that patients are discharged with an improved understanding of their medications. 


We have also seen a gradual increase in our HCAHPS scores on medication instructions as a result of the talking cards being implemented. The ultimate goal of the talking health cards is to ensure that patients have an understanding of their medications, reduce return admissions, and improve patient care outcomes.


Tiffini, CNO

Critical Access Hospital


I found the Talking HealthCards extremely useful.  They provided me with a chronological record of your evaluation that I could refer back to it when I needed to so.  When family members came to visit me, I could save my breath and I could say, here, listen to what the doctor said.  


They are a splendid and useful device.  They've made me a more informed patient and a more secure one listening to your ongoing comments.


David, Patient

Community Hospital

I utilize the Talking HealthCard in my care transition role from facilities to home health. I find the patient and clinician are excited about a helpful tool in increasing communication that can be meaningful for information exchange between patient, family and provider. The audio and visual combination provides an added benefit to the transition process.


Lyn S., Care Transition Coordination

Home Health Agency

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