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Q: What types of patients use Talking HealthCards?


A: Talking HealthCards are effective for any patient, but they were designed for:

  • Older, non-tech saavy patients

  • Patients with low health literacy

  • Populations with no written language

  • Visually impaired patients



Q: Can't a mobile phone do the same thing as a Talking HealthCard?


A: Younger and tech savvy patients can use their mobile phones to record patient instructions, but most older patients may not be familiar with how to record and play messages from their phones.  Talking HealthCards are easy for patients and clinicians to use.  One button to Record; One button to Play.



Q: What principles of learning and best practices have been integrated into Talking HealthCards?


A: Research has shown us that when we give patients and families the right information they make wiser, less expensive decisions about their care.  Some of the principles of learning and best practices utilized with Talking HealthCards include:


Q: Can Talking HealthCards really reduce preventable readmissions and improve treatment and medication adherence?


A: There is no silver bullet to reduce hospital readmissions and improve adherence, but integrating Talking HealthCards into larger programs has been shown to improve outcomes.  Chronic care management relies on self-management and patients can't follow their doctor's advice if they can't remember it.  



Q: Is 60 seconds enough time to record patient instructions?


A: Not sure if 60 seconds is long enough to record your patient update or discharge instructions?  Click here to listen to a sample recording of a physician updating a patient and family on rounds.  Or, contact us to discuss 180 second or other length Talking HealthCards.

Q: How are ACOs, hospitals, and other  facilities using Talking HealthCards?


A:Talking HealthCards are used in hospitals and other facilities for:

  • Daily bedside updates

  • Discharge instructions

  • Medication Management

  • Transition information to PCP



Q: How are Home Health Agencies and other Care Transitions providers using Talking HealthCards?


A: HHA and Care Transition providers use Talking HealthCards for:

  • Patient education between visits

  • Medication Management

  • Emphasis of knowing who to call to reduce hospital readmissions

  • Sharing information with caregivers



Q: How do we order Talking HealthCards and what is the minimum order quantity?


A: Standard 60 second cards can be purchased through our online store or through customer service in quantities of 1  or more.  Custom cards must be purchased through customer service.  There is a minimum order quantity of 500 cards. 


Q: What's the shelf-life of a Talking HealthCard?


A: Standard rerecordable Talking HealthCards can be recorded and played up to 50 times or a minimum of six months. 


Q: We are a home medical equipment provider.  Can we resell Talking HealthCards to patients and families?


A: Yes, we work with home medical equipment providers, gift shops and other retail establishements.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

How Do I Place an Order?


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