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Simple, Personal, Effective Patient Communication

What Did the

Doctor Say?

Simple. Personal.
Effective Patient Communication.

Introducing Talking HealthCards®
A Unique and Innovative Way to Improve Compliance and Patient Satisfaction

"What did the Doctor say?" It's the first question a family member asks after every medical appointment.


Unfortunately, patients are often anxious, inattentive or even anesthetized. They can’t remember the doctor’s instructions. For this reason, family caregivers try to accompany the patient to hear the doctor’s orders first-hand. This isn't always practical.


Understanding and following important medical instructions is crucial to disease management, improved medication adherence, and better quality outcomes.


It has never been more important to find a reliable solution to patient learning, health literacy and personalized communication. That solution is Talking HealthCards® - a simple way to recall the doctor's instructions.

Health Literacy and
Patient Communication
  • Patients forget between 40 and 83% of what their doctors tell them…immediately.
  • 60% of patients cannot identify their medications.
  • Half of all prescriptions filled each year are not taken correctly.
  • Cost of medication non-compliance is estimated at $290B annually.


Patient Satisfaction


Critical Instructions

Reduce Readmissions

Patient Communication:  Make it Personal

We believe that more personalized care and interaction between doctor and patient can lead to increased patient satisfaction - and Talking HealthCards can help!


CMS has standardized patient satisfaction measurement. The results are publicly reported, and those results have consequences. Will your reimbursement be negatively affected by the answers to questions such as:


  • Did the doctor treat you with courtesy and respect?

  • Did the staff explain medications and side effects?

  • Did the doctor explain things in a way you could understand?


Talking HealthCards can help you achieve the “right” answers to those questions. Your recorded, personalized care instructions can help your patients, their families and their caregivers feel they are being “heard” and respected. They feel more involved in the process, more personally connected with their physician, and more satisfied with their care!

Talking HealthCards. Effective patient communication, reduce hospital readmissions, improve patient satisfaction

Personalize Instructions

Click Image to view PDF of the Talking HealthCard.




Record critical medication and care instructions.

Allow patients to remember and follow your instructions.

Engage your patients and their caregivers in their care.

Patient Education:  Make it Simple

The Voice of our Customers

“Talking HealthCards are a helpful tool to aid in discharge instructions, particularly medication management for new and high risk patient medications.”                         


Tiffini M., CNO

Critical Access Hospital


"I utilize the Talking HealthCard in my care transition from facilities to home health. I find the patient and clinician are excited about a helpful tool in increasing communication that can be meaningful for information exchange between patient, family and provider. The audio and visual combination provides an added benefit to the transition process.”


Lyn S., Care Transitions Coordinator

Home Health Agency

"When family members came to visit me, I could save my breath and I could say, here, listen to what the doctor said.  


They are a splendid and useful device. They've made me a more informed patient and a more secure one listening to the doctor's ongoing comments."


David, Vascular Surgery Patient

Community Hospital

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